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You have an innovative product and big ambitions — but this is just a seed. To grow a powerful and profitable business, you will need a strong marketing basis, an action plan, and reliable partners.

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Go-to-market strategy

When you are launching the new product and competition in your market is fierce – you need a holistic action plan that specifies how your company will reach target customers, get the traction, and achieve business goals.

Communication strategy development

The voice of your business should be clear, and your message should be easy to get. Together we will design and implement a comprehensive data-driven and fact-based communication plan, including messages and touchpoints that encourage delivering business goals.

Lead generation and online sales

We help to stimulate and hold the interest to a product or service and develop an efficient online sales funnel.

E-sports and gaming integration

As esports enthusiasts and casual gamers are digitally native, they consume news, information, and brand communication differently. It is increasingly important to tailor content and touchpoints to their needs and lifestyle.

We Are Strong At

Market Research
Business model design
Value proposition design
Customer Experience design
Customer Decision Journey design
Startups launch
Product-market fit
for SaaS products
Web production
E-sports and gaming
Media campaigns

Looking For A Reliable Partner?

We can become your ally with strong marketing expertise. Our partners are:
VC's VC's


Startups Startups


IT businesses IT businesses

IT businesses

Service Providers Service Providers

Service Providers

Physical Products Producers Physical Products Producers

Physical Products Producers

Digital Products Developers Digital Products Developers

Digital Products Developers

E‑commerce E‑commerce


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Emotions are numbers. How to measure love to a brand? Emotions are numbers. How to measure love to a brand?
Some marketers believe that the brand is an emotion, and some believe that brands deceive consumers into setting unreasonably high prices. The consumer focuses on rational benefits such as price and quality.
Marketing Investments Marketing Investments
inseed.marketing is a marketing-investment company, which means that we help brands and invest in new businesses and startups.
What the strategy really is What the strategy really is
Almost every day, we hear the word “strategy.” And it is used in a variety of contexts, from geopolitical sophistry to Instagram posts. This word is becoming a cliché, often used in wrong situations. Marketing experts think the main problem is that market experts do not understand what a strategy is in principle and how it differs from tactics.