Let Your Business

You have an innovative product and big ambitions — but this is just a seed. To grow a powerful and profitable business, you will need a strong marketing basis, an action plan, and reliable partners.

Marketing Investments

inseed.marketing is a marketing-investment company, which means that we help brands and invest in new businesses and startups.

Many entrepreneurs understand investments as money investments only. But in reality, this concept is much broader. Assets can also come from platforms, tools, contacts, expertise, or a team that helps implement specific business tasks. It is the kind of investment we make. We invest marketing team resources and expertise in strategic marketing, effectively becoming the marketing department of a business or startup. Such a partnership can be interesting for startups with strong technical knowledge but lack marketing expertise and successful businesses that review their marketing strategy and operations: how to go digital, enter a new market, and so on. Therefore, we are ready to enter the business, create a development strategy together, and side by side go from the origin of the idea to successful scaling and profit.

If you are interested in cooperation — consider writing to us at partnership@inseed.marketing.

Let your business blossom!