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KOSA Touristic

KOSA Touristic is the developing hospitality object in Arabats’ka Strilka, Kherson region in southern Ukraine. This region is rich in recreation resources such us therapeutic muds and salts and natural hot springs. KOSA Touristic is located on the coast of the Azov sea, which is the shallowest sea in the world. The average annual temperature of the water is +11 °C, which makes it a great recreation resource, especially for the summer period. Arabatska Strilka has the longest sandy beach in Europe (more the 100 km). The average annual tourists’ flow of the region is more than 4M. The estimated hospitality market value is about $0,5B per season.

After the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, Crimea by the Russian Federation, the tourists’ flow is rapidly increasing year to year as Arabats’ka Strilka became more available physically for the Ukrainian and Eastern European tourists.

inseed have invested in KOSA Touristic on early-stage (pre-seed) and provided with consulting in business development, marketing strategy, and operations. The project has shown high performance in Revenue and ROI, which is several times higher than average Real Estate or Hospitality investment projects.

Expected ROI as for 2024 is 603%


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