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Taimi LGBTQI+ social network

Taimi is an LGBTQI+ dating & social network. The main competitors, such as Grinder and Tinder, have strong positions on the market according to a long history and massive word of mouth. But, compared to Taimi, they have pure functionality and technology platforms. The initial go-to-market strategy of Taimi included Performance Marketing, PR, and Events Sponsorships. App Installs and Usage Indexes were growing, but their dynamic was lower than expected. Thus, to increase the dynamic, it was decided to review the communication strategy and find out what had to be improved.

inseed had started work with the entire Taimi’s marketing activities audit, including the Paid Advertisement, Social Media Presence, Website, and Application UX. We conducted a competitive analysis from the perspective of Indexes and Messaging. Based on this audit data, we made the first hypothesis of how Taimi can grow faster. To understand the best performing Value Proposition, we conducted qualitative research among the target audience. Based on research data, we held the Strategic Session together with the Taimi team, where we finalized the hypotheses of core value to communicate. We conducted quantitive research to validate our hypotheses and, based on its results, developed a solid Communication Strategy. As a result, Taimi got the complete step-by-step guide, how to change its communication in all touchpoints (including Website, Social Media Pages, etc.) and KPI’s to achieve business goals.


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