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Nobelbee Donate App

After the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, we at inseed.marketing, along with many other teams, began actively working to support Ukrainians affected by Russian aggression. Our partners at Nobelbee App approached us with the idea of joining in this assistance effort. Nobelbee is an app that reminds users of significant dates for their friends (such as birthdays) and allows them to send monetary or physical gifts worldwide.

We started thinking about what we could do to help Ukrainians. Since the functionality and expertise of Nobelbee are primarily related to money transfers, we began exploring how we could help collect donations.

It became clear that relying solely on internal resources would make it difficult to combat the consequences of the invasion, so we focused on attracting donations for Ukrainians from foreign donors.

We analyzed the current situation regarding attracting donations from foreign donors and identified a problem: on the one hand, many initiatives have been launched, enabling a robust response to the enemy and providing prompt, targeted, and highly effective assistance; on the other hand, it has created a cumbersome ecosystem that is difficult for outsiders to navigate. Who is responsible for what issues are being solved, who needs more money, how to donate, where to get the bank details, and can they be trusted? At the same time, the support of the world is critically necessary for victory and saving people.

In contrast, several global systemic charitable organizations are well-known and understood by the worldwide audience. However, their actions are slow, bureaucratic, and often contradictory.

Therefore, we decided to create an app that would help foreigners easily navigate Ukrainian funds, choose which issue to tackle, and donate directly to a verified, reliable fund so that help would reach where it is needed as quickly as possible. Funds, in turn, could apply to participate in the project and, after legal verification, be added to the list of verified funds within the app. Thus, the Nobelbee Donate app was born, functioning as a fund aggregator with a catalog of activity areas. Each foreign donor could easily select the specific need they want to donate to and familiarize themselves with reliable funds.

Together with our partners, we developed the app concept, worked on the structure, UX, and designed the app. On the one hand, the app needed to be user-friendly and evoke the proper emotional response.

The first step in implementing the project was the development of an MVP app. Together with our partners, we developed a version of the app for iOS, Android, and PWA platforms.


Nobelbee Donate App Nobelbee Donate App Nobelbee Donate App


The next step was to create a communication strategy for the product. At this stage, the project was supported by the Kyiv International Film Festival Molodist, which provided its information platforms for promoting the app and attracting the first partner funds. As part of developing the communication strategy, we identified three target audience segments. We created a Customer Decision Journey for these segments to understand how to communicate with each of them effectively. Based on this, we developed a communication ecosystem and mapped communication tools to a calendar plan.
For each communication tool, we developed a detailed work plan, including the following:

  • SMM
  • SEO
  • Email
  • PR
  • Direct advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and YouTube.



communication ecosystem


After that, we developed instructions for partner managers and app content management.
In this way, in a short time, we were able to create an entirely new product that helps Ukraine withstand the fight against the brutal aggressor.

If you have a similar request, please get in touch with us at partnership@inseed.marketing.

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