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Launch of iKnow in Poland

iKnow: Learning during the Wartime

They say, “knowledge is power”, and if it’s knowledge of English when you’re abroad, it’s your superpower. It helps to settle down, integrate, and feel more confident.

What follows is our story of how we continued to share this strength with thousands of Ukrainians, and how they inspired us to keep going and grow.

On the eve of the war

Since 2019, iKnow in Ukraine is confidently gaining momentum:

  • graduates more than 2,000 students
  • cooperates with 10+ corporate clients
  • improves learning and operational processes to make language learning easier and more interesting

On February 24, changes take place without warning. russia launches a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, iKnow stops training, and danger pushes Ukrainians abroad.

March – April

A world map is spread out in front of Ukrainians: dozens of countries are ready to provide shelter. However, no matter where the road leads: Warsaw, Berlin, or Vilnius — at least a basic knowledge of English as an international language of communication helps to arrange life.

With this in mind, we are launching a series of free webinars that teach Ukrainians abroad important everyday phrases. As a result, more than 2 thousand subscribers join our Telegram channel.

May – June

Ukrainians abroad are not typical refugees. These are people who are ready to learn, to actively integrate into society, and therefore to communicate. That is why we decide to launch a full-fledged online school in Europe. And to do it qualitatively, we conducted research.

  • We determine which markets are the most promising regarding the ratio of the number of Ukrainians, prices for learning English, competition, and other metrics.
  • We analyze approaches to the implementation and “packaging” of educational products in Europe.

In a conclusion: the choice falls on Poland.

What follows is a month of intense work on the localization of the school:

  • we create a communication strategy for both target audiences — migrants from Ukraine and Poles
  • we adapt communication materials
  • we are developing a website
  • we reconfigure advertising campaigns, end-to-end analytics, and CRM


iKnow in Poland welcomes its first students. Ahead is a large-scale digital image campaign to make a statement and increase market share. We keep going.